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April 2007

African Safari

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Hello All,

Well what a totally awesome experience. The Safari has given us both a totally new respect and love for the African wild life.

We did Kruger National Park in three different vehicles a van, open minibus and open land cruser.

Big Stuff

  • African animals in the wild are beautiful
  • African trackers are genius!
  • The African country side is diverse and beautiful

Small Stuff

  • People from all backgrounds find the same beauty in the wild.
  • An unknown bug poses a great threat to your personal health (even if it ends up being just a big christmas beatle)
  • Looking into scrub land for hours without seeing anything can be quite relaxing.
  • Safari guides enjoy a beer at the end of the day too!

Our Stuff

  • Seeing African animals in the wild gave us a new respect for the beauty of nature.
  • Watching elephant play in the mud, smiling and laughing was an emotional experience








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The African adventure begins

March 30, 2007 Syd - Johannesburg

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Well what a flight, 14 hours of video's, beer and sleeping, the holiday had truly begun!!

We arrived in Johannesburg at about 4pm in the afternoon and was met by Cormak, the son of the Guest House owner. He took us for a short tour of Johannesburg which was awesome. It was nice to have an idea of where we were staying in reference to the city centre, trouble spots and safe spots. Thankfully we were staying in a safe area of town.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Guest House we stayed at.



On arrival to the Guest House we realised we were actually staying over the road from where Phil spent the first three years of his life. What a coincidence, needless to say, Phil was trying to sneek a peak of the front/back yards through the electric fences.

A very cultural dial in pizza, pasta and beer finished our day where in local time it was 9pm but body time was about 3am.

Throughout our blog posts we thought we would catagorise our experiences into three `Stuff`catagories:

Big Stuff - Major experiences, events, buildings, cultural observations etc.

Small Stuff - Smaller things that may otherwise not be mentioned in stories of travel, ie., the quality of service, the price of milk, the different beer/wine, the happy and sad people we meet or observe,

Our Stuff - The experiences, events and observations that have made a personal impression on us ie., experiencing third wourld living conditions, hearing a lion roar.

Cheers for now.

Phil & Skye

Picking up gold made just near Johannesburg

Nelson Mandella┬┤s house in Johannesburg

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Welcome to our travels

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our travel blog!

We'll be making entries where ever possible to keep you up to date with our adventure.

We are currently in Cape Town South Africa, getting ready to go to Germany and we havent managed to get our photo's downloaded ready to post yet. We'll do that as soon as possible.

In short we have been having an awesome time here in Africa, and as expected have fallen in love with the country. Stories and pictures will be up soon!!

We hope you are all well and feel free to post messages on this blog, we would love to hear from you.

Cheers for now,

Phil & Skye

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